About Us

About Babel Cloud

Babel Cloud is one of the Start-Up Project that developed within the body of; Babel Ltd. Şti. BABEL; specialized in the field of software Technologies and develop Start-Up projects developed with R&D standards. Vision of the BABEL is creating global projects accepted all over the world about fast growing information Technologies thereby contributing to the services export of our country. With the concepts of “native” and “national; are aimed at carrying on with the new investments about create, research and develop technologies and projects in Turkey.

Tax Office:Çekirge
Tax ID Number: 080 033 17 59
Address: Hüdavendigar mh. Gümüş cd. Onev Sitesi No:58/J
Tel: 0224 532 00 99

Our Core Values

AWS Well Architected Design & Build:

Encompassing five pillars, the framework ensures a secure, reliable, resilient, and scalable infrastructure.

Portfolio Planning:

We’ll help you determine the best options based on your business case. We’ll map dependencies and provide best practice recommendations.

ManBusiness Planning: age

We work with you to understand your business case and advise you on your objectives, potential opportunities, and constraint considerations.